1060 Aluminum Pipe/Tube

According to the shape of aluminum tube can be divided into: square tube, round tube, striped tube, special-shaped tube.According to the kneading method, itis divided into seamless aluminum tube and usually kneaded tube .According to the accuracy isdivided into: usually aluminum tube. fine aluminum tube. The fine aluminum tube usually needs to be reprocessed after kneadinq, sucras cold drawing, drawing, rolling .According to the thickness is divided into: usually aluminum tube, thin wall aluminum tube.According to the content of aluminum alloy metal can be divided into a series to nine series, that is, we usually say "6063 aluminumtube, 7075 aluminum tube' and so on. According to the diferent composition, diferent types of aluminum pipe is also different. The6xxx aluminum tube is the most common. Aluminum pipe has the characteristics of corrosion resistance and light weiaht, is widely used in all walks of life, suchas:cars, ships, aerospace, aviation, electrical appliances, aariculture, mechanical and electrical, household, etc. Aluminum pipe iseverywhere in our life.



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1060 Aluminum Pipe/Tube


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