SUS201/201 Stainless Steel Pipe

Sus201/201 stainless steel is a widely used precipitation hardening grade, high hardness, high strength, good corrosion resistance. Its performance is similar to that of SS302 stainless steel. SS202 machinability to produce long rubber chip. It can also be processed in the annealed state. For full martensitic transformation and heat treatment, the material must be immersed at 1038°C(1900°F) for 30 min and cooled below 16°C(60°F). Do not use oxyacetylene welding connection. 202 steel material can be welded by ordinary fusion resistance method. SS 202 has good toughness at low temperature. Grade 202 or 201 materials can be made into rolls, plates, strips, lines, tubes, profiles, bars, angles, etc.



Stainless Steel Pipe



SUS201/201 Stainless Steel Pipe


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