316L Stainless steel strip

316L stainless steel is commonly used in pulp and paper making equipment, heat exchanger, dyeing equipment, film processing equipment, pipes, materials used for the exterior of buildings in coastal areas, as well as watch chains and case of advanced watches. Stainless steel strip is an extension of ultra-thin stainless steel plate, and is also a kind of steel plate used in industry. However, unlike ordinary steel plates, stainless steel strip has a longer shape, and its scope of use is also different from ordinary steel plates. At present, there are many varieties of stainless steel strips, and there are also many different production specifications. Different stainless steel strips use different categories. Cold rolled strip is a specially treated stainless steel strip product. It is another industrial steel strip product, which is made of stainless steel strip as the basic material and is processed by cold rolling mill at room temperature. The rolled strip has excellent characteristics such as smooth surface, flatness, high dimensional accuracy and good mechanical functions, and is often processed into rolls and coated steel plates. Cold rolled strip is widely used in tractor, car and other industrial manufacturing. Hot rolled strip is another kind of stainless steel strip, which has low hardness, easy processing, good ductility and other excellent characteristics, so it is often used as a thin plate.



Stainless Steel Strip



316L Stainless steel strip


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